In last article, I introduced Linux container primitives. They are used by container technologies and there are lots of good articles how containers use them (in appendix). Here I would cover some useful tools to interact with Linux namespace and understand it better, especially with podman rootless container.

Basic container namespace management

Here are…

Recently I had to block the rootless container traffic to specific IP launched by podman, but from host it is allowed. Using plain firewall or iptables rule cannot solve this problem, since podman uses slirp4netns to setup container network namespace. Therefore, the traffic from container is somewhat indistinguishable from traffic…

Surprise (bad or good)

I have been using Azure managed disk in Azure VM for a long time, however, recently I found out that there is hidden gem in this technology. It begins with testing speed of migrating onpremise server hosting large amounts of data. The data is inside binary files (individual could be…

Xin Cheng

Multi-cloud, Hybrid-cloud, Kubernetes, cloud-native, big data, machine learning, IoT developer/architect

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